Kentuckians for Better Transportation
Educates and Advocates
 for All Modes of Transportation

37th Annual Kentucky Transportation Conference
January 21-23, 2015
Marriott Griffin Gate Resort
Lexington, KY

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KBT Re-Branding Initiative 
In January of 2014, the KBT Board voted to undergo a re-branding initiative geared to move our organization forward.  

This initiative includes the following:

    • Revising the KBT website, 
    • Redesigning the KBT logo, 
    • Revising the eNewsletter

During the re-branding process, KBT's strategic planning committee will review our programs, including: 

    • Outreach campaigns
    • Evaluation of all communication opportunities

Throughout this process we will keep you informed through our weekly eNewsletter, Transportation News.

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Kentuckians for Better Transportation Mission Statement

Kentuckians for Better Transportation (KBT) is a member association advocating for all modes (aviation, highways, public transit, railroads and waterways) of transportation throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky. We unite leaders and citizens to achieve a safe and sustainable transportation system for improved economic development and quality of life.