Heart Wrenching Reminder

It's raining here today - and it has been since some time last night. The remnants of Hurricane Harvey moved into Louisville bringing rain and more rain. Outside is a soggy mess, but the 6-9 inches of rain we are supposed to get pales in comparison to the nearly 50 inches of rain that fell in Texas earlier this week.

The hurricane and the heavy rainfall it brought claimed lives, destroyed homes, and damaged all of the infrastructure in the city - from the roads, bridges and airports to the water supply systems.

The impact of the storm will be felt for some time on both a personal and a physical level. From families who have lost everything to companies trying to reopen their doors, millions of dollars will be needed and millions of hours will be spent on clean up and reconstruction.  

While much has already been written on the negative impact of the storm on Texas' infrastructure (just do a google search), few people will think about how our airports and our interconnected highway network provided a safe, efficient way for the Army National Guardsmen from other states like New Jersey, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and nearly every other state to get to Texas and assist in evacuation and rescue efforts

Organizations like the Red Cross here in Louisville loaded vans with supplies to be driven over our roads and bridges to Beaumont, Texas to assist in the effort. 

Businesses like  Anheuser Busch have loaded semis with water and driven them to Texas for distribution to those in need. 

And finally, Mr. McGinnis, the Kentucky fisherman who drove to Texas with his bass boat in tow to help rescue people stranded in their flooded homes, got there using the highways and his huge heart.

This terrible, tragic storm, proves why having access - both into and out of an area - matters so much to all of us.

It is also a heart wrenching reminder of why we must continually maintain, enhance, and improve the infrastructure we have so we are ready for the next big storm - no matter what or where it is.