Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition Now On Social Media

This past Tuesday we officially announced the formation of the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition (KIC). Press releases were sent, social media posts were made, and an audio news release was distributed throughout the state.

Since then, more than one million people have heard the audio news release, people have liked and shared our facebook posts and tweets, and the news release was published.

It was a great launch - and we've already heard lots of supportive comments about the coalition efforts.

And while you may have heard the audio releaseread the news release, or liked some of the Facebook posts and tweets, I have to ask you to do more.

I need you to click here and follow us on Facebook. If you tweet, click here and follow us on Twitter.

I also need you to go to and sign up to get involved. You can also click here to download the talking points and other KIC materials.

Then I need you to ask your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, and everyone else you know to follow KIC's social media posts and sign up on the KIC website.

Educating the public about the important role of infrastructure is not easy - especially when so many people are facing multiple challenges. But by working together we can increase our reach and further our mission to develop a long-term, sustainable funding mechanism that provides adequate revenues for all modes of transportation so our state can maintain the infrastructure we have today and build what we need for our future.

Thank you for all you do for KBT - now help us reach more people and get more support through the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition so we can make Kentucky even better than it is today.