Time and Money

From slow traffic on I-64 to more stop than go traffic on the Watterson, I barely made it to school by 5:45. I was then met by more stopped, heavy traffic on our surface streets.  The kids and I were in the car so long after I picked them up that they thought we were going on a road trip.

We got home at 6:15 pm.

It took 30 minutes to drive 3 miles. We were all tired, hungry, and ready to be done with the day.

There was no playing outside on the swing set or taking a walk. We were all just done.

It was as if we had been robbed - and we were.

Time is the most precious, irreplaceable commodity we have.  Time with our children; time with our spouse; time with our parents; time with our friends. Time unfortunately, gets so easily stolen doing stuff that takes more time than it should. We're stuck in traffic. Stuck at the airport. Stuck on a bus. Just stuck.

And the sad thing is that much of that can be fixed. Roads can be widened for traffic volume. Bus routes can be adjusted to deal with heightened demand.  Rail crossings can be improved so cars and trains can move safely through an area.

It just takes something other than time - it takes money. We just have to determine which one we are ready to give up - a little bit of money or a lot of lost time.

I think I know which one Calvin Grayson would choose.