My mama is full of little sayings. 

One of her favorites is "Time waits for no man and very few women."

This past year has certainly proven my mama's cliché.

Time has flown by this year. I still can't believe I'm attending Christmas parties for 2017 and planning the 2018 Kentucky Transportation Conference - it just doesn't seem possible that it should be time yet. But the fact remains it is!

And, the one reality we all face is that time will pass whether we like it or not.

That's true for us personally - and it 's true when it comes to our issues.

The longer we wait to address our transportation issues in this state, the more it will cost us all. I'm not only referring to the actual monetary cost of the repairs, replacements and construction - I'm also referring to the opportunities Kentucky will lose because we've failed to address these issues.

Over the past 6 months I've addressed 40 different civic groups throughout the state. Some were urban, some rural, some were in areas of high growth and some were in areas that saw their population decreasing.

All of these communities have one thing in common - the need to maintain their infrastructure - their  connectivity - and to make it better so they are prepared for the future. It doesn't matter if the community is a bedroom community, a community with a large industrial or manufacturing base, or an agricultural community - they all need increased infrastructure funding.

And they need it now. Because they know time doesn't wait - nor does opportunity.

We, as a state, can't wait either.  

The time to address our issues is now. We must take the opportunity we have now to talk to our Legislators about our issue. We must let them know that bridges and airport runways and roads and rail crossings and riverport needs and transit systems don't get better on their own over time.

We've got to take advantage of the time we have now to encourage them to do something to address our funding issues. And we have to let them know now that if they wait, things will only get worse over time.

My mama is right - time doesn't wait. And we can't sit back and wait either.

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