No Matter How You Get There!

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that next week is Thanksgiving 2017.

I'm not sure where this year has gone.

It seems like yesterday we were all gathered at the Marriott Griffin Gate for our annual Conference (which by the way is coming up soon).

But alas - this year is nearly over and hopefully next week we'll all be gathered around full tables with the people we love the most celebrating all the people and things we're grateful to have in our lives.

As people who provide transportation - whether you design it, build it, provide it, or move the materials used to build it - this is our time to shine.

This is the time of year when we make sure that people get to their families quickly and safely so they can enjoy one more holiday together no matter where it is.

I am thankful to work for people who make it all happen - people who make the buses and trains and planes and trucks - and my car - run on time so I can spend time with my family.

Thank you, KBT members, for making it all happen. 

Thank you for making the highways that we drive, the airports that we travel through, the buses we depend on, and the rail lines and riverports that move all we depend on, happen - on a shoestring budget.

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy the time with your family and friends. No matter how you get there!