All Modes of Transportation

Last year KBT and several other organizations formed the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition or KIC. The Coalition members are organizations and companies that depend on infrastructure and the goal is to advocate for sustainable funding for all modes of transportation to move Kentucky forward. 

Earlier this week I sent the KBT Board of Directors an update on the Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition's activities. 

It only took a few minutes to write - but after I read it I was tired. 

We've been busy. From drafting editorials to creating newsletter content to creating videos, much has happened. 

We've also been out on the road. In the past 4 weeks, we've addressed 9 different civic groups. From Murray to Morehead, I've talked about how important our amazing transportation infrastructure is to our economy and to our quality of life. I've also spent considerable time talking about how much maintenance and new construction is needed - and how much money it will take to get all this work completed.

I talk honestly about how we pay for infrastructure and that addressing these issues will most likely require an increase in user fees. 

So far everyone gets it. 

They get it because on a daily basis, they experience transportation issues. And they tell me about their experiences. I've heard about rail crossings that need to be realigned, airports that need runway extensions, ports that need better road access for trucks, transit systems that need new buses, bridges that need to be replaced, and road projects that have been put on hold for years. 

People are ready for their transportation issues to be fixed - and they are ready to pay for them.