40 Years!

40 years.

That's how long KBT has been educating and advocating for a safe, sustainable transportation network.

We've been to nearly every community in the state, talking to everyone who will listen about transportation and the important role it plays in economic development and their quality of life.

And we've been able to do this because of the strong support of our members. Members who have been serving Kentucky for more than 40 years. Members who have been employing Kentuckians for more than 40 years. Members who have been working hard for decades to make Kentucky a better place to live and work.

Members like the Walker Company who've been building Kentucky's infrastructure for 85 years. Members like the Hickman Fulton Riverport who have been moving Kentucky grown grain to the great marketplace for 54 years. Members like Vaughn & Melton in Middlesboro who have been designing Kentucky's infrastructure for 50 years. Members like the Louisville Regional Airport Authority who have been providing access to the entire world for 71 years. Companies like RJ Corman who have moved freight for more than 40 years. And companies like RTEC who have been getting Kentuckians to work and school for 27 years.

 As we celebrate our 40th year and all that we've done as an organization - know that we couldn't have done any of it without the support of you - our members - who provide the transportation that moves Kentucky.

Thank you for coming to the Conference last week. Thank you for all the support you've provided and all the support you continue to provide.

Thank you for working to make Kentucky a better place to be.