Every other Thursday my son has a Cub Scout meeting. Since the meetings are full of 6-7 year olds, it tends to be less of a meeting and more of a WWE event. But last night was different. Last night the focus of the meeting was about being a good citizen and helping others or, as we more commonly refer to it, being a Good Samaritan.

I'm sure you know the parable - the Good Samaritan sees a man lying on the road. Several people ignore the man in the road, but the Good Samaritan stops and actually helps him.

We focus on being a Good Samaritan in Scouts for a number of reasons - but one reason is to teach the boys to do the right thing and help - no matter what the circumstances are. We don't want the boys to learn to be bystanders and assume that someone else will take care of the problem whatever the problem is. We want them to learn to be active participants even if no one else is.

We want the boys to learn, even at 7 years-old,  that they  must be active participants and work to fix the problems they see. They can't be bystanders that sit back and wait for someone else to handle the tough stuff. Because waiting for someone else to fix the problem at hand isn't an option - for them or for any of us.

And for those of us in the transportation industry now more than ever, we have to actively participate so our issues will be addressed.

In Kentucky, today, we are facing persistent funding shortfalls for all modes of transportation.  

And that shortfall won't fix itself. It will take action from the General Assembly - action that must be taken during this session.

Now is the time for you to actively participate and contact your State Representative and your Senator and tell them Kentucky needs additional revenue to maintain our roads, bridges, airports, railroads, riverports, and transit systems. Kentucky needs long-term, sustainable funding for all modes of transportation now more than ever.

We can't sit back and wait for someone else to call or email or get involved. We have to do it today, tomorrow, and the next day - until our issue is addressed.

The minutes you take today to actively participate and contact your Legislators by following the three steps below - will make a difference in the future.  If you don't actively participate - who will?