My Kids Want a Dog

My kids are desperate for a dog.

And not just any dog – a big Golden Retriever that will shed a lot and will need lots of daily outdoor playtime and walks.

They really want this dog (there is one in the neighborhood) and they ask daily.

And my answer to them doesn’t change - it is a solid NO.

This kills my kids. But they just don’t get it yet. They don’t understand how much work it is to take care of the dog. They don’t understand that when you don’t brush the dog’s hair daily that it will mat up and eventually irritate the dog’s skin and that you have to walk the dog to keep it healthy. They don’t understand that if you don’t play with the dog – even when you don’t want to – the dog will come in the house and “play” by eating up your shoes, toys, and pretty much anything else that looks attractive.

Big hairy Golden Retrievers need a lot of maintenance – and if they don’t get all that maintenance, there can be some negative consequences for the dog and for the owners.

And that’s not just true when it comes to dogs.

Unfortunately, I was recently reminded how true that is for transportation.

During the KBT Air Committee I was informed that we no longer have 59 public airports. The Providence-Webster County Airport’s pavements were deemed too unsafe - especially the pavement on the runway.

When I speak to groups, I often remind people that if you don’t have good pavement at an airport, then you don’t really have an airport. And the closure of this airport proves my point.

It’s unfortunate Webster County has lost air access. It’s even more unfortunate that, with the appropriate funding and resources, the pavements could have been repaired.

And that’s why involvement in KBT is so important. KBT, as a diverse organization, advocates for funding for all modes of transportation so we can not only build what we need to move our state forward, but maintain the important infrastructure we already have in place.

Today, as you read this, the KBT Board of Directors is holding a quarterly meeting. One of the items on the agenda is approval of the organization’s legislative policies. These policies are developed by the modal committees then sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

Most of these policies contain statements urging our Kentucky General Assembly and our federal delegation to act now to ensure we have the revenue we need to maintain and improve our entire transportation network. KBT’s members are urging our entire elected delegation to do something now to make sure needed funding is available for our entire transportation network.

If we don’t have the money we need now to maintain, improve and enhance our transportation infrastructure, we won’t recover from the negative consequences.