Thankful for our members!

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us!

The travel period - defined as Wednesday, November 21 (today) through Sunday, November 25 - will see 54.3 million Americans traveling more than 50 miles or more away from their homes, according to AAA. This is the most since 2005 and is expected to be the second-highest travel volume on record.

48.5 million will travel to their Thanksgiving destinations by automobile which is nearly 5 percent more than last year. Planes, will see the largest growth in holiday travel by 5.4 percent with 4.27 million travelers. Trains, Buses and Cruise Ships will see an increase of 1.4 percent, with a total of 1.48 passengers.

While nationally, motorist are expected to pay the highest Thanksgiving gas prices in four years, here in Kentucky AAA says that we have seen a 32-cent monthly decrease in gas prices.

Normally, KBT would take this opportunity to explain how Kentucky's road fund formula works, discuss how Kentucky's road fund revenues are decreasing and that our 120 counties are facing a decrease in funding from our federal government.

However, today we want to thank each and every one of you for being part of our member association. We are thankful for our unique and diverse group of members who support our common mission. We are proud to serve and work alongside you.

We wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.