Collective Effort

Collective Effort

My family recently moved my folks from their home in Florida to Kentucky. They are 81 and 85. They are facing some health issues. They need to be closer to family. They are amazing. 

The physical process: packing, loading, getting my folks here, unloading, unpacking, took less than 2 weeks; however, the entire process took well over 6 years. And it is not over. The stories have been numerous and impactful. 

For any of you who have gone through this, you know the challenges and obstacles that must not only be met, navigated, and overcome. Among them, convincing your parents that a move closer to family is in their best interests, selling their home, navigating finances, finding new doctors, leaving old friends and making new ones. In our case, we had the additional hurdle of assuring them that they will be okay living through a much colder winter in a much smaller home. 

If you have gone through this process with siblings, you know the challenges increase exponentially. You must not only navigate, negotiate, and collaborate with your folks, you must do so with your siblings and quite likely their spouses.  

It is a collective effort. It takes generosity, cooperation, support, and humility! However, the result is unquestionably worth it.

As members of Kentuckians for Better Transportation, you are part of a collective effort in carrying out our mission statement. 

It is through your generosity, cooperation, support and yes even humility that KBT can continue to educate and advocate for all modes of transportation to promote a safe, sustainable transportation network that brings economic growth and improved quality of life to all Kentucky communities.

Everyone plays a valuable part in this process. One of the most valuable parts? Your voice. 

Over the next several months, KBT would like to hear your stories. We know they are out there, as we hear them consistently in our various interactions with you, we just don’t always write them down.

These stories don’t need to be long. They don’t need to even be double spaced or grammatically correct. We’d just really appreciate hearing from you. 

We want to hear how your mode, company, job, employees, employer, brings value to economic growth and improved quality of life to Kentucky and how a safe, sustainable transportation network is vital to this. 

Please email your thoughts to me at today, next week, or next month. 

As with my parents move, carrying out our mission statement is a continual process but well worth it!