Throughout my career I have had to provide a variety of metrics, and I’m guessing you have, as well.

I have been asked to provide metrics in pie form, graph form, line form, color coded form – you name it. My grown children have even shown me how to turn these into 3D forms. Sometimes, they are simple and high level, such as showing how many individuals attended a membership class. Other times, the metrics are very intricate, including how many people in a given group are divorced and remarried.

Therefore, it won’t surprise you that KBT uses metrics as well.

For instance, just by opening this eNewsletter, you are now part of the data that we use for a metric. This high-level metric tells us that our open rate is well above industry standard. Thank you! From that information, we have determined that our eNewsletter is of worth to our members. So, we continue to produce it.

One of the dangers of using metrics to evaluate performance is to only measure one output.

Therefore, when it comes to member engagement, we do not stop at evaluating our eNewsletter open rate. We examine and evaluate member renewals, committee involvement, sponsorship commitments, event participation, and even day to day communication. As 2018 draws to a close, we can safely report that our association’s members are very engaged.

Could it be better? The answer to that is unequivocally, Yes!

To some, the solution would be to provide our members with more opportunities to be involved i.e. more events, programs, and meetings.

At KBT, our answer is even simpler.

Since all employees of our member companies are eligible to be involved in KBT, it stands to reason that there’s room for encouraging each of your employees to become more involved with us. We have been working diligently to this end and have already seen an increase in employee involvement, particularly in our registrations for our 2019 Kentucky Transportation Conference. One company has increased their employee participation by 600%!

Why is it important that not only you but your employees and co-workers are engaged in carrying out KBT’s mission to educate and advocate for all modes of transportation to promote a safe, sustainable transportation network that brings economic growth and improved quality of life to all Kentucky communities?

Simple . . . you, your employees, and your co-workers are who make up our Kentucky communities. By improving involvement, we can more effectively impact Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure and our state in general. And that’s a metric we all should be proud to be a part of!

Katie | Director of Member Services