Good Things About Kentucky

I love to talk about good things and being a native Kentuckian, it seems I have no shortage of good things to share.

We've got good bourbon, good horses, and good fried chicken. We've got good sports. We've got jobs - our jobless rate is down in 112 of 120 Kentucky counties. And it is just pretty in Kentucky.

 At KBT, we know there are other good things in Kentucky worth discussing, including our transportation network.

KBT Aviation Committee Co-Chair Anne Lawson, Vice-President of Elizabethtown Flying Services; Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky General Manager Andrew Aiello, and Brian Wright, Owensboro Riverport Authority President and CEO presented information on the good things our state's aviation network, our transit network, and our riverports and waterways do for our state.

 For example, our airports move more than 5 million tons of freight per year, making us 3rd in the nation in air cargo shipments. Our public transit network serves 31 million passengers and connects employees to their employers, students to educational opportunities, and patients to health care providers more than 14 million times per year. Our ports and inland river system move more an 92 million tons of freight per year including agricultural products, coal, aggregates, chemicals, and other manufactured goods.

Our presentation also included information on how we can make our good transportation network even better by continuing existing funding for improvements, maintenance, and enhancements at our ports and airports, and by increasing funding for our transit network.

There are so many good things to say about Kentucky's transportation network, and we are appreciative of the opportunity to talk about it with the Budget Review Subcommittee members yesterday.

I'd like to extend a special thank you to all the KBT members who drove to Frankfort yesterday to provide support. It is always a pleasure to share our good news - but it is even better when you're surrounded by great people.