We must never forget how important our transportation network is!

The Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) held their 41st Annual Conference this week in Lexington. It is a conference that brings together local elected officials to discuss everything from animal shelters to pensions to property taxes.

KBT traditionally secures an exhibit booth at KACo and this year was no exception. It is an event I look forward to ever year. Several of our members attend the conference or participate as exhibitors so it provides us with a great opportunity to see everyone and catch up on what is happening with their company or in their county.

While all the catching up is fun, it is not the primary reason KBT exhibits at KACo.

We exhibit to remind everyone that transportation plays a key role in the success of their county and all the people who live in it.

We were there to remind everyone that every citizen and every company that is located within their county's borders expects a safe, dependable transportation network.

We were there to remind everyone that a bad road makes it hard to get to work. It will make it hard to get your kids to school. It will make it hard to get your sick mother the doctor. Bad roads limit access - and limited access to every day needs impacts people's ability to thrive and remain independent.

We were there to remind everyone that people expect rail crossing improvements. Site selection companies expect GA airports to be well maintained and operable. Citizens who don't have access to private transportation will need access to public transit. Companies who move bulk freight like grain or aggregates will need access to ports.

We were there to remind the county officials that we have to continue advocating for funding for our transportation network even if it seems we've addressed funding issues in the recent past. If we don't continue to advocate and educate about the importance of our transportation network and why we need to continually maintain and improve it, people will forget.

As a state, we cannot afford to forget how important our transportation network is to our economy and the quality of life of our citizenry. To make sure that doesn't happen, I'll keep talking, exhibiting, and reminding everyone I see. I encourage all of our KBT members to join me.

By the way - I hope you enjoy a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by your family and friends.

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