Everyday in Frankfort is Different During Session

Every day in Frankfort is different during the session. There are always different groups visiting, different bills that move, different issues that must be addressed for the public good.

This week, there were some things that really stood out.

On Wednesday, West Virginia native and famous actress Jennifer Garner testified before several committees including the House Appropriations and Revenue committee. Ms. Garner was advocating for funding for literacy programs for children. The 'twitter-verse" lit up with photos of Ms. Garner, selfies, and comments about Save the Children, the organization on whose behalf she was advocating.

I had not heard of Save the Children previously, but after the testimony this from Ms. Garner, I am sure the organization is more now more widely known throughout the state, and their needs will certainly not be forgotten.

After the conclusion of Ms. Garner's testimony, one of our transportation superstars took the table to testify on a bill important to KBT members - enabling legislation for public private partnerships.

Rep. Leslie Combs (D-94) was joined by Rod England, CFO of Scotty's Contracting and Stone, Dave Adkisson of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and JD Chaney of the Kentucky League of Cities. Together the group explained why Kentucky needs this enabling legislation and how it would be used.

The Appropriations and Revenue committee members discussed the bill at length before voting the bill out of committee.

Yesterday afternoon on the House Floor the bill was brought up for final passage. Rep. Leslie Combs easily handled the bill and it passed the House 83-11.

Thank you Chair Combs for your perseverance on this important piece of legislation - we truly appreciate your leadership and dedication to this important issue.

The bill will now travel to the Senate where it will be assigned to a committee. KBT will continue to update our readers as the bill continues through the process.

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