Advocacy is Continuous

Yesterday, I was a guest of GoRail at Railroad Day 2016 - an annual Washington DC Fly In hosted by the rail industry.

It was a quick trip on short notice, but it was a great event and a wonderful opportunity. Not only was I able to spend some quality time with many of our members, I was able to meet with the Kentucky Congressional delegation.

 The primary "ask" yesterday wasn't really an "ask" at all. We were there to thank the Kentucky delegation for their support of the recently passed Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act - also regularly referred to as the FAST Act.

Washington may seem like a long way to travel just to say thank you. Many people may not think it is worth it - but it is.

Advocacy is more than just asking people to support your initiatives. It is about following up after the final votes are cast. It is also about letting the delegation know how that decision impacted your business or your community.

Advocacy really never ends, even after some of the largest issues are addressed.

Although we now have a long term surface transportation bill, in five short years we will need another one. It took more than a decade to get the most recent bill passed.

When KBT hosts our Fly In in May, not only will we be thanking the Kentucky delegation for their support of the Long Term Surface Transportation Bill. We'll also be advocating for the next long term surface transportation bill and for FAA Authorization.

As an organization, KBT needs to consistently remind every member of the Kentucky delegation that we must have continued authorizations that are adequately funded.

We need to remind them that this funding is necessary so that we can plan for and implement the major projects that are needed to keep Kentucky competitive.

I hope you'll join us on May 18-19, 2016 for the KBT Washington, DC Fly In so we can show our gratitude for the hard work that was completed, and begin advocating for the issues we need to address in the future.

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