Taking the Day Off

I am taking the day off.

I didn't sleep late and I don't have plans to go get my nails done.

I'm taking today off so I can take some pretty special kids, who happen to be mine, to Bowman Field.

We're going to spend our afternoon watching the planes practice for the airshow that will take place tomorrow as part of Thunder Over Louisville.

My kids love it - and they are amazed by it. They are amazed that someone actually gets to fly a plane as a job.

And it doesn't stop with planes.

My kids love heavy equipment and construction.

They are excited when they are stopped at a rail crossing  for a train.

They love watching the barge tows on the river. And they scream in excitement (I swear) when they see their favorite TARC bus.

I didn't instill this in them - they came about it on their own. But I love it.

So today, I'm going to go out and spend some time with two of my favorite people and watch them enjoy some of their favorite things - which happen to be some of my favorite things - and be reminded of how amazing our transportation network is.