Governor Bevin Issues Line Item Vetoes to HB 304 - The KYTC Operating Budget

Yesterday evening Governor Bevin issued several vetoes, including line item vetoes to HB 304, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Operating Budget.

Some of the line item vetoes in HB 304 relate to reporting requirements, Kentucky Pride Funds, a KYTC salary study and the Mountain Parkway Expansion and are not detailed below.

The line item vetoes that are of particular interest to KBT members are listed below.

1.  Removal of the requirement for the KYTC to create a document that details the Preconstruction program plans for fiscal years 2016-2022.

2.  $1.6 million per year is still appropriated for public safety improvements on rail lines. However, the word "shortline" has been removed, making the program available to Class 1 and shortline rail roads. A portion of this section was also vetoed that would have allowed these funds to be used for service improvements. The language that limited the private match to 20% was also vetoed. As stated in the Governor's veto message, the Cabinet needs the "flexibility to require a higher percentage of private matching funds."

3. Removal of the entire section related to the State Resurfacing Program, including the appropriated amount of $125,000,000 per year. The veto message noted that the program is included in the Highways Road Fund and "should be based on needs and priorities."

To view the veto message for HB 304, click here. To view a marked-up version of HB 304 that reflects the vetoes, click here.  Highlighted/stricken language reflects items that were vetoed.

Appropriations for transit, aviation, and riverport improvements were not vetoed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.