If KBT Doesn't Go Who Will?

While I have mentioned this a few times before, I still enjoy repeating it, over the past three years I've been able to do some amazing things at KBT with some very remarkable members.

For instance, I've had the opportunity to tour two of the largest infrastructure projects in the entire country - the Ohio River Bridges Project and the Olmsted Locks and Dams.

Each May I am able to participate in something that I find equally incredible - and I don't mean the Kentucky Derby.  In mid-May, KBT members travel to Washington, D.C. on our annual Fly-In to visit with members of the Kentucky Congressional delegation and other special guests to discuss transportation issues.  We've done this for more than 35 years.

If you think I'm being facetious about my excitement of travelling to DC - I'm not.

This trip provides the opportunity to meet with our elected leaders and voice our opinions, explain our positions, and state our concerns. If we didn't travel to DC to have these conversations - who would?

So, I'm looking forward to our trip next week as I travel with 45 KBT members - who represent all modes of transportation.

It will be a pleasure to express our gratitude for the passage of the FAST Act as we also encourage the passage of a long term FAA Authorization, 45G tax credits, and WRDA 2016.

If you aren't traveling with us to DC this year, I encourage you to consider going next year. If you wonder what you've missed, watch your twitter feed or read the newsletter next week for highlights.

It is a wonderful opportunity - and one that we shouldn't take for granted.

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