KBT Members Are Pretty Great!

KBT members are pretty great. From providing transit services throughout the state to designing, building, and maintaining our state's road network to operating our airports, rail lines, and riverports - you all do great things every day that improve the lives of every Kentuckian.

Last Friday, nearly 200 of our great members attended KBT's Mid-Year Review to hear from Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Greg Thomas.  Secretary Thomas updated the group on "Pause-50", the Cabinet's plan to restore funding back to normal operating levels. Additionally, he discussed the Kentucky rail crossing program, the proposed KYTC Freight Plan, and the additional $10 million per year that will be used to make improvements at Kentucky's General Aviation Airports. This was the first time Secretary Thomas addressed the KBT membership, and even though he claims to be a Vols fan, he did a great job presenting some complex information to our members.

If you'd like to read the full press release on Pause-50, click here.

While the Secretary's update was important, it wasn't the only reason we all came together. As an organization, KBT changes leadership on July 1 each year. The Mid-Year Review provides an opportunity to thank our outgoing Chair and introduce our incoming Chair - and both of these people are pretty great.

Our outgoing Chair, Clint Goodin of Vaughn & Melton in Middlesboro, is one of the nicest, smartest people I've ever met.

Clint wears lots of hats - he's a devoted husband. He's a loving father of two. He's a dedicated employee. He's a minister. He's a leader - he's served as KBT Chair and Chair of the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers. Clint is also active with ACEC-KY (The American Council of Engineering Companies - Kentucky) and serves as the Eastern Region Director for ACEC. Clint donates his time freely and I'd like to thank him  - and his beautiful wife Dooper - for donating so much time to KBT.

Our incoming Chair, Morgan Judy is also an outstanding individual. Morgan is the Executive Vice President of Judy Construction, a family business and founding member of KBT. He's dedicated to educating the public about the importance of Kentucky's multi-modal transportation infrastructure. Morgan has served as Chair of the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky and has served on the Board of the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors. Morgan is excited to begin his year as Chair and I'm excited to work with him to keep moving KBT forward.

I'd also like to thank the members who volunteered to help with the event. Eunice Holland, Transportation Planner for the Kentucky River Area Development District, graciously worked the KBT Registration Desk and the always wonderful Mr. Calvin Grayson provided the invocation.

 We are blessed as an organization to have so many wonderful people who contribute so much to KBT - and to the transportation network. Without all you do, where would we be?

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