KBT Members Are Key Component!

You guys are amazing.

You operate the airports that move thousands of people and tons of products from Kentucky to the rest of the world. You provide the barge services - and the location to load and unload the barges - that move tons and tons of Kentucky grown, mined, and manufactured products to the greater marketplace. You provide the rail services for Kentucky coal, cars, and agricultural products. You design and construct the roads that not only move freight, but thousands upon thousands of private vehicles throughout the entire state. And you provide the transit services so Kentuckians can get to work, school, medical facilities, and anywhere else they need to go.

You are the key component in the success of every economic development improvement in every community in Kentucky.

Without the transportation network you design and build and the transportation services you provide, nothing would happen. Factories would not locate in our state without the transportation network to move their goods. Children could not get to school without safe roads and bridges. People would not have access to goods manufactured in other states and countries without a safe, dependable transportation network.

Without the services you provide nothing would move. I mean it - NOTHING.

So thank you all for all you've done and continue to do for Kentucky - our citizens, our agricultural community, our mining and minerals industry, and our manufacturers, and every other entity that benefits from the interconnected transportation network you build, operate and maintain.

And by the way, thank you for all the texts, cards, emails and visits. Last week was a tough one for me and my family.  Hearing from so many of you made a difficult time much more bearable.

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