Family Business

On Monday, the funeral service was held for Mr. Frank Hamilton, Jr. Mr. Hamilton was a KBT Board member who served as Chair of our organization in 1993. He dedicated many years to KBT, serving on our Board since the organization was formed in the late 1970's. Mr. Hamilton also gave his time to other trade associations, serving as Chair of the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, Chair of the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association, and President of the Plantmix Asphalt Industries of Kentucky.

Mr. Hamilton worked - and he worked hard - for many years, building the infrastructure that nearly every Kentuckian depends on each and every day.

He didn't do all that work alone - his family business employed hundreds of Kentuckians over the years. From engineers to administrative staff to truck drivers - there was an opportunity for all skill levels - in a part of the state that was more rural than it is today.

But work isn't all he did. 

Mr. Hamilton was heavily involved in his community. He donated his time to civic groups including the Hope Center, Bluegrass Tomorrow, and the Kentucky Historical Society as well as business groups like the Georgetown-Scott County Chamber of Commerce. He donated all this time to help make his community better.

He loved his family and his friends - and there was certainly proof of that on Monday.

While we mourn the loss of Mr. Hamilton, we at KBT can take comfort in the fact that so many of our members exhibit these same qualities.  In every community in Kentucky, there is a family business that operates the airport, runs the railroad, or builds the roads.

These family businesses, just like Nally & Gibson Georgetown, employ several people in the community while they provide much needed services. Then - these family members and their employees - volunteer in the community. They work with local charities, organize and participate in local events, and serve on the boards of their local business groups.

These small family businesses didn't just build Kentucky's communities and leave - they stayed in Kentucky's communities and made them better.

For all that, I'd like to thank Mr. Hamilton - and all the other small family businesses that are KBT members - for giving so much to make our entire Commonwealth better.

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