Now - More Than Ever - KBT Membership Matters!

Katie and I have spent the last few days at the Kentucky Aviation Association's Annual Conference. It is a great opportunity for us to visit with our members and to recruit some new members. It is also a great time to show our support for Kentucky's airports - a vital part of our interconnected transportation network.

While there, I ran into a County Judge Executive that I know - and asked him to consider joining KBT. He said he would - as long as there was no money involved.

We laughed a little before I reminded him again that actual payment of membership dues is a requirement for being a member. He hesitated and let me know that justifying the expense would be difficult in the current economic times.

I understand that. Money is tight - for all of us. Whether it is a county budget, a corporate budget, or an airport budget - every expense has to be justified.

But to me, now is the most important time to be a dues paying member of KBT.

Now is the time to educate the public on how important transportation is to their local community, their education, and their employment. Now is the time to advocate for reliable, sustainable funding for all modes of transportation so we maintain the infrastructure we have. Now is the time to advocate for more funding to build the infrastructure we will need for the future. Now is the time to attend, sponsor, and exhibit at the Annual Transportation Conference to learn about new technologies or display your services. Now, more than ever, is the time to be a part of the only statewide organization that represents Kentucky's entire transportation network - not just one mode.

So when you receive your membership dues renewal invoice in the next few weeks, I hope you'll go ahead and pay the invoice. After all, money may be tight now, but if we don't work together as one organization we run the risk of having a future that is even less certain.

Thank you for being a KBT member - and I hope you'll continue your participation in the only organization that represents Kentucky's transportation network.

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