Scary Stuff!

Monday is Halloween and my kids cannot wait. They have tested and retested their costumes, talked about their class Halloween parties, and planned our trek through the neighborhood to get the best candy. It is a BIG deal for them. They love this holiday almost as much as Christmas.

But even though they love Halloween, they don't like the scary stuff. And like most people, they run away from the scary stuff, fearing it will hurt them in some immeasurable way.

As their parent, I spend lots of time during this holiday trying to talk to them about the scary stuff, assuring them that the skeletons, ghouls and goblins on display aren't a real threat to them.

That can be a tough job, especially since the goal of this holiday is to incite fear.

While I don't fear Halloween, I have been afraid quite a bit this week. 

Having been on the road discussing riverports, the needs of our largest urban area, our transit system, and our road network I was reminded of how large our transportation funding challenges actually are. 

Yesterday, three KBT members provided information to the Budget Review Sub-committee on Transportation. The information provided highlighted the impact of the loss of toll credits on Kentucky's transit services.  Our cities and counties need additional revenues to make improvements for economic development purposes and for the benefit of their citizens, our ports need additional revenues to compete with every other port along the inland river system, and our airports and railroads need additional revenues to continue to serve their customers.

It is the same situation - regardless of the mode of transportation. There isn't enough money to fund the improvements we need today - and, if there isn't some kind of change, there won't be enough money in the future to make the improvements in our infrastructure that my kids will need.

That's pretty scary.

Dealing with this scary stuff is going to take more than reassuring talks. It is going to take some real people making some real decisions that impact real people.

And the thing is - making these decisions to address our funding issues isn't what's scary. What's scary is what happens if we don't.

Happy Halloween!

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