We Must Do Our Part

This week has been filled with lots of good stuff. It started with an incredibly productive KBT Board of Directors meeting, included a meeting with several local Chamber representatives, and has concluded with a visit to a new KBT member, the Rowan County Economic Development Council.

All these meetings have provided opportunities to visit with members - and even catch up with Calvin Grayson who presented me with some wonderful info that I will write about next week. There has been so much good stuff that you'd think my cup would be running over - but it's not.

It's because I've been on the road a lot this week - and I've seen a lot of bad stuff.

On Monday, as I returned to Louisville after our Board of Directors meeting I came upon a wreck. I knew it was bad when I saw the draping covering one of the vehicles. The police had to reroute traffic, causing delays. As I made my way through the detour, I listened to the local news which was filled with reports of other auto accidents that had occurred on the road that day. And that was just the start - it seemed that every day this week there was a major back up on an interstate due to wrecks. Thankfully, most weren't fatal - but I am sad to say that by the end of this week there have been at least three fatalities due to wrecks on roads that I use on a regular basis.

The causes of these wrecks are still "under investigation" but that doesn't mean their impacts aren't being felt. There are, I'm sure, family and friends who received the horrible news that their loved one left to go to work or school or to the funeral home (like the fatal accident near my house) and won't be returning home.

One of these fatal accidents involved a mother who was on her way home and was hit when an oncoming car crossed the center line, causing her car to leave the roadway. I went to high school with her husband - they have a teenage son who'll never see his mother again.

Such a tragedy.

Chances are driver error played some role in all these accidents - whether it was distracted driving or aggressive driving. I hope, especially as we find ourselves entering the holiday season that you will put your phones down, drive sober, pay attention to the speed limit, and remember that we can't have a safe transportation system if, we as users, don't do our part.

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