You Can't Build a 21st Century Infrastructure Using a 20th Century Budget!

Yesterday, I was in Maysville speaking to their Chamber of Commerce about infrastructure and the need for adequate funding to maintain and improve what we have and build the additional infrastructure we need so our state can be competitive.

After my presentation, I was asked some pretty difficult questions on everything from electric cars to rail investments.

However, I was floored, when one of the attendees asked, "when are we going to do something to fix these problems and what are we going to do?"

I was not floored because the question was asked. I was floored because in three plus years, I have never been asked that question by someone who wasn't in the transportation industry.

Her question caught me off guard - I had to gather my thoughts before I could answer her.

My response was this - hopefully our Legislators will address our infrastructure funding needs before it is too late. However, voters must let their Legislators know how important Kentucky's infrastructure is to their community. Conveniently - the Maysville Chamber will host their Legislators at a meeting soon.

People get it. 

People know that you have to continually invest in infrastructure.  You can't just build it and never touch it again.

People know that you have to maintain and improve the existing infrastructure and they know you have to build new infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing and changing population. 

People want good roads, efficient airports, access to transit, safe rail crossings, and modern riverports.

And the thing is - Maysville Chamber members proved to me that people know these things aren't free. 

People know you have to pay for these investments. They know you can't build and maintain a 21st century infrastructure using a 20th century budget.

If the people get it, and the manufacturers, the farmers, the business community, and the industry get it - then who are we missing?

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