Third Mid-Year Review

Last Friday we held our third Mid-Year Review - and each year they get better and better. While we only get to spend a little more than an hour together, we do a lot this event and this year was no different.

We said thank you to a remarkable Chair - Mr. Morgan Judy of Judy Construction. Morgan has donated his time, his talent, and his treasure this past year. He's attended nearly every meeting we've had (I think he only missed one committee meeting), he worked to increase membership, he sponsored our Kentucky Transportation Conference and encouraged others to sponsor as well, he travelled to Washington DC during our annual Fly In, he travelled to Fulton for a ribbon cutting, and he travelled to Owensboro to meet with the Maritime Administrator. He did all that was asked of him and more and we greatly appreciate that dedication.

We also introduced our newly approved Executive Committee which includes Phil Annis, First Vice Chair; Rod England, Second Vice Chair; Mark Day, Treasurer; Grant Gabbard, Board Member At Large, and Morgan Judy, Immediate Past Chair.

After all those introductions, we installed our 2017-2018 Chair - who is equally remarkable and will lead our Executive Committee and our Board of Directors. Ms. Crissy Fiscus of Dean Dorton Allen Ford (Dean Dorton) has served as our Treasurer for many years and will now serve as our 2017-2018 Chair. She is an experienced CPA who has worked for 22 years with Dean Dorton where she serves as a Director and a Shareholder.

Crissy not only works with several KBT members, her firm depends on having the access a safe, sustainable transportation network provides. Dean Dorton's clients are located throughout Kentucky - and their staff must travel near and far to meet their client's accounting needs.

Immediately following Crissy's installation, she welcomed House Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell to the event. Representative Shell, a farmer by trade, is the first Republican House Majority Floor Leader in Kentucky's history. In addition to his duties as Majority Leader, Representative Shell also serves as Vice Chair of the Committee on Committees, the Rules Committee, and he also serves on the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee. He is a member of the Legislative Research Commission as well.

Representative Shell understands transportation - and realizes how important connectivity is for both urban and rural Kentucky. He is committed to making Kentucky a better place and we look forward to working with him to achieve that goal.

Last Friday was a great event that will kick off a great year.

In 2018, KBT will celebrate our 40th anniversary as an organization. During our Conference in January, we'll not only be recognizing where we've been in 40 years. We'll be looking forward and planning for the next 40 years and working toward a safe, sustainable transportation network that moves Kentucky forward - so we don't find ourselves in this same position in the next 40 years.