It's Time to Act!

Tuesday, while waiting to talk with a Senator about HB 609, I had a conversation with his staff about KBT. I told her about who we are and what we are advocating for - and she responded like most people do. "We really need to do something - our roads are in terrible shape."

She then proceeded to tell me about her trip to Goodyear a few weeks ago to get her tires aligned.

She had hit an unavoidable pothole in Frankfort, causing $120 worth of damage to her car. And because the unavoidable pothole is on her regular route to work she is worried that she will have to visit Goodyear again soon for another realignment.

She isn't the only person that has told me a story like this. A colleague told me about their recent flat tire - caused by hitting a huge pothole they couldn't avoid because of oncoming traffic. There was the mom who told me about being stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tire. She lost hours waiting on a tow truck and she spent several hundreds of dollars that she really didn't have on repairs.

And then there are the people in Letcher County off Highway 7 who experienced a bridge collapse, severing their connection with school and work. They are currently using a temporary crossing and waiting for a permanent solution so their lives can return to normal.

All of this is happening NOW - today in our state. We are all at risk of finding ourselves spending lots of money at Goodyear, losing time being stuck on the highway, or being stranded on the other side of a collapsed bridge or worse.

And its not just our roads and bridges - today I'm sure there is a school bus stuck at a rail crossing, a pilot looking for a safer General Aviation airport to land, a farmer looking for a riverport with better access, and someone without access to private transportation searching for transit to get to work.

The actions of 138 people can address all of these issues. The 138 members of the Kentucky General Assembly can address our transportation funding issues during this session of the General Assembly - but they MUST hear from you.

Call, text, email, or write your House member and your state Senator and urge them to fix our transportation funding issues now - before it costs us more than we can afford to lose.