It's Kentucky - You Never Know What Can Happen!

It's spring in Kentucky. That means snow, sun, basketball (go Hilltoppers and UL Women!) and the final days of the Legislative session.

Yesterday was the 55th day of the legislative session. That means there are only 5 days left for the final passage of bills. 5 days doesn't seem like very much time - especially if the issue you support has not been heard in committee.

But it is Kentucky, and sometimes things aren't what they seem - just remember it snowed on the first day of spring earlier this week.

There is still enough time for our issue (HB 609) to pass in these final 5 days.

HB 609 simply ensures we have enough revenue to maintain the infrastructure we have and build the infrastructure we need for the future by modernizing Kentucky's motor fuels tax rate, assessing fees for electric vehicles, modernizing other fees assessed by the KYTC, and creates a multi-modal transportation fund to address our state's transit, rail, aviation, and riverport needs.

With the passage of HB 609, our counties and cities will have access to funds to fix their roads and bridges (click here to view the spreadsheet). Passage of HB 609 is also estimated to provide more than $170 million annually to the state road fund, meaning we will have revenues for maintenance and construction.

Once the multi-modal fund is created and funded, we'll have revenues to improve our rail crossings, maintain our GA airports, update our riverports, and fund our state's transit program to move our workforce.

If HB 609 doesn't pass, our transportation infrastructure will slowly begin to fall apart. And when it falls apart, our economy and our quality of life will follow soon after.

Call, text, email, talk to your Representative and your Senator and encourage them to pass HB 609 this session. Ask them to fund Kentucky's transportation network now before it all falls apart.