Multiple Issues Still to Address

Yesterday I spent most of the day and half the night in Frankfort listening to the debate on SB 151 - a bill that was amended to include provisions to reform Kentucky's pension systems. After several hours and lots of passionate debate, the bill was passed and the changes were concurred with in the Senate. 

Regardless of your opinion on the pension issue, it is all but done. The issue that took all the air out of the room for the past 57 Legislative Days, in Legislative terms, is finally passed. 

But that doesn't mean the session is over. There are multiple issues that still need to be addressed these final few days. Those issues include the General Fund Budget, the Transportation Budget, the Road Plan, net metering, legislation that requires essential skills be taught in school, and potentially tax reform. 

And there is one other issue that can be added to that list - modernizing how we fund Kentucky's transportation network. 

In order to move this state forward, this General Assembly must create a multi-modal transportation fund that provides revenues so we can maintain and improve our state's transit, rail, air, and waterways and public riverports. This General Assembly must provide an immediate increase in the revenues available for Kentucky's road fund so we can make needed improvements today - and long term funding so we can make the improvements we will need in the future. 

There is still time - but not much. 

These are the final days of this session. That means, if nothing is done, this is the last chance we'll have until 2019. And if nothing is done till 2019, that means one more year of resurfacing that won't be completed, bridges that won't be fixed, transit buses that won't be purchased, ports that won't be modernized, runways that may not be resurfaced, and rail crossings that won't be safer to cross. 

If you've contacted your Representative and Senator already and asked them to support the provisions of HB 609 - thank you. But please contact them again. If you haven't contacted your Representative or Senator and asked for their support - please do so TODAY. 

We can't wait one more year - we must have adequate funding now.