Paducah-McCracken County Riverport New Bulk Material Handling begins Journey to Paducah

Paducah-McCracken County Riverport New Bulk Material Handling begins Journey to Paducah

The Sennebogen 870 HD material handler, purchased by the Riverport in February 2017, has begun the journey from Bremerhaven, Germany to Charleston, SC aboard the M.V. Drive Green Highway Voyage 18.  The material handler was loaded on August 9th with an expected arrival date of August 25th.  Transportation of the new material handler to Paducah from Charleston requires the use of a 13-axle trailer and permitted routing.   The assembly, commissioning, and specialized training are estimated to take 7-10 days for full acceptance by the Riverport.  The Sennebogen 870 HD diesel material handler is replacing the current wire crane at the Riverport’s bulk berthing area.

Besides its energy efficiencies, for which all Sennebogen models are known, the final tier 4 engine and non-pollutant hydraulic fluids will improve the environmentally friendly position of the Port. The new material handler has the ability to reach down 50 feet from the top of the cell, ensuring service during the occasional low water periods.

The new material handler will join the Linden Comansa 30LC 1450 that was added to the Port in 2014, the largest flat-top crane in North America, capable of handling up to 53 tons. The Riverport is capable of handling bulk, general, and containerized cargoes and is in the process of redeveloping its 20-year master plan containing additional upgrades. 

In addition to the material handler purchase, the Riverport upgraded its equipment by approx. $332,000 during the past fiscal year.  Some of the improvements included a new truck scale and dredging at the Bulk Material berth.  The Riverport was awarded two grants from the Kentucky’s Riverport Improvement Grant (KRI Funds).  Paducah’s two grants totaled around $85,000 of the $190,000 project expenses. 

For the current fiscal year, the Riverport has budgeted additional upgrades to the terminal.  The upgrades include conveyor system refurbishment, surface upgrades in the general and bulk yard areas, and equipment replacement.       

In September 2016, Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority received the “America’s Marine Highway Leadership Award” from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration.  The award was presented during the Chamber of Commerce’s annual fly-in to Washington D.C. by Ms. Lauren Brand of the Maritime Administration.   In April 2016, the Riverport was granted Foreign Trade Zone #294 (FTZ) from the U.S. Department of Commerce Foreign Trade Zone Board.   

“The current and past Riverport Board members are the true champions for their leadership of the success that are taking place.  The Marine Highway Designation, granting of FTZ #294, and the continuing improvements enhances the region’s abilities to attract new industries and expand our current business partners.” said Executive Director Bill Miller.    

Hosting RiverStrong Summit on November 7th and 8th 

The Port is co-sponsoring a RiverStrong Summit with the Greater Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce in Paducah, KY.  The conference will be attended by representatives from the U.S. Maritime Administration, other federal departments, state, local leaders, site selection representatives and ports along the waterways. During the Summit, regional leaders will discuss the rich history and reliable benefits of Western Kentucky, including water-borne cargo movement, a central U.S. location, available development sites, multi-modal abilities, innovative and customized workforce training programs, and business-friendly attitude to prospective industry and site selection personnel.  “The Riverport is excited to extend the opportunity for our leaders and partners to showcase our region that will foster economic development” said Bill Miller. 

For more information or to participate please contact the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority @ 270 – 442- 9326.