KENTUCKY Transportation Infrastructure Key to Capitalizing on States Favorable Location

The Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) is comprised of professionals  that dedicate their careers to the advancement of prosperity in the Commonwealth. Economic developers, state and local officials, utility representatives, chamber executives, private stakeholders, and others convene in KAED to craft solutions to enhance Kentucky’s global competitiveness. To recruit new corporate investment, KAED members promote our Commonwealth on a world stage, highlighting the advantages of doing business in Kentucky. We succeed in an incredibly competitive market because KAED member strategies are designed to capitalize on Kentucky’s most intrinsic benefit, our favorable location.

The Commonwealth is situated in the center of a 34-state distribution area, which facilitates the delivery of goods and materials to a massive industrial and consumer market. Kentucky companies are within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the American population and are currently sending $500 billion in products to the world. As commerce moves throughout Kentucky’s transportation networks, the Commonwealth prospers. Safeguarding our transportation infrastructure is not only crucial for Kentucky’s economic health, but also imperative for the preservation and expansion of our workforce. As Kentucky ascends as the manufacturing powerhouse of the United States, high-wage jobs are created all across the bluegrass. Over 95,000 Kentuckians in 80 counties are employed in our automotive plants. More than 250,000 people work in the Commonwealth’s growing manufacturing industry, and 60,000 jobs are supported by logistics companies. Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure is literally the channel through which we move Kentucky forward.

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