Safety is so important to Kentuckians for Better Transportation that it was included in the organization's mission statement. 

KBT members work with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, the Kentucky Transportation Center, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the National Highway Safety Administration to promote safety initiatives that save lives. 

Primary seatbelt laws, booster seat usage, and distracted driving laws help save lives by limiting exposure during accidents. We urge all Kentuckians to abide by all safety and restraint laws that are currently in place in Kentucky.

We also know that a safety is not just a personal decision. A safe transportation network requires continued maintenance and improvements to accommodate the volume of traffic on the network.

National Safety Campaigns -

"Move Over" Law

Kentucky passed the “Move Over” law in 2003, requiring motorists to move over to the adjacent lane when approaching an emergency vehicle or public safety vehicle. If changing lanes is impossible or unsafe, motorists must slow down and use caution. Failure to do so can result in fines, jail time or both.  Click here for more information.

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