State Legislative Success

2012 State Legislative Success:

Senate Bill 89
Senator Ernie Harris (Co-Sponsor)
Amend primary seat belt law requirements to include vehicles designed to carry 15 or fewer passengers, rather than 10 or few passengers. Signed by Governor Beshear on April 11, 2012. Click this link for complete details.

House Bill 328
Representative Royce Adams (Co-Sponsor)
Allow person who has received an intermediate operator's license to apply for a motorcycle instruction permit; make motorcycle instruction permit good for 1 year with ability to renew the permit one time; allow person with expired motorcycle instruction permit to apply for motorcycle operators license if the person can present proof of successful completion of motorcycle safety education course. Click here for complete details.

2011 State Legislative Success:

In the 2011 Kentucky General Assembly, KBT was directly involved in the passage of HB 197, a measure which modernizes the process for licensing a motor vehicle. Beginning in 2013, a license plate will “stay with the driver” whenever a vehicle is being bought and sold. This improved licensing system will greatly improve law enforcement efforts with regard to traffic violations and stolen vehicles.

2010 State Legislative Success:

In the 2010 Kentucky General Assembly, KBT was directly involved in the passage of a bill which has now established a 7-member Water Transportation Advisory Board, a panel of transportation experts which advises the Executive and Legislative branches of Kentucky State Government on emerging trends and developments in the waterways industry. Perhaps even more significant was the passage of HB 415, an important piece of safety legislation, which prohibits a driver from texting while the vehicle is in motion.

Kentucky’s state legislative leaders have invited KBT to testify before Committees. Recently, two KBT Board members testified on the complex question of how “next generation” vehicles will pay their fair share in motor user fees if the vehicles are not being fueled by gasoline.

Federal Legislative Success

In 2011, KBT urged the 6-members of the U.S. House of Representatives Kentucky delegation to sign-on as co-sponsors to legislation that would have created a tax credit for railroad companies, encouraging the rail lines to improve the quality of their track beds and crossings. All of the Congressmen signed on as co-sponsors. 

KBT is in regular frequent contact with the Kentucky Congressional offices on such diverse issues as: the FAA operating authority, SAFETEA-LU reauthorization, the Surface Transportation Board, railroad incentives, Infrastructure Investment Fund, funding of Army Corps. locks, and harbor or port dredging operations.